Hayride Wax Melt

Hayride Wax Melt


Imagine the warm, golden autumn glow of the sun is shining down on a perfect fall afternoon. The air is still. You're partaking in the autumn festivities at an apple orchard, riding in a wagon, sitting on a bale of hay. Orange, red, and brown leaves cover the ground and you can see the tall corn fields in the distance awaiting harvest. As you close your eyes, you take in the sweet smell from the hay, earthiness of the leaves, dewy spiced florals, and spiced apples. 


Note Profile:

Top: Green Stem, Lemon, Cedar Leaf

Middle: Pine, Spiced Apple, Floral Mélange

Base: Earthy Musk


It is recommended to change out your melted cubes every week to keep getting that wonderful fragrance you love so much.


The plastic, clamshell container can be recycled when you are done.


Hand poured, six (6) piece, soy wax melts for use in a wax warmer. Made in Minnesota.