Grandma's Garden Soy Candle

Grandma's Garden Soy Candle


When I was a kid, I remember playing in the sandbox at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. Next to the sandbox was a small garden, where I would eat fresh vegetables out of that garden. This candle smells just like fresh cut cucumbers and brought me back to that childhood memory in my Grandma's garden. This scent also includes clover, green leaves, basil, and thyme elevate the fresh, true-to-life cucumber scent, while honeydew melon adds a subtle sweetness.


Infused with natural essential oils including rosemary and thyme.


6 oz square mason jar candle.


Please be sure to trim the wicks every time you light your candle to keep your candle burning and smelling like the amazing candle it is!


Soy wax is known for frosting. This is typically what you might see on the top of your candles.